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Lambys Booth Packages

Booth Booth Baby….

Party In #LambysSesh Style!

No matter if you’re planning to go all out for your birthday, getting the girls together for an unforgettable hens celebration, want to keep the party kicking on after an event, or are just keen to live it up a little.

A Lambys Booth Package is calling your name!

Booth Packages mean you and your crew get to enjoy FREE VIP PRIORITY ENTRY then kick it in your own private booth to enjoy live music & your selection of free flowing drinks for two hours – it’s the ultimate Lambys experience!

Here are your options Lambs…

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Basic Package

So you’re hellbent on a booth but on a bit of a budget? The ‘Basic’ might be just the ticket.

Start with FREE PRIORITY ENTRY for your group (up to 10), then settle into your private booth for TWO HOURS of all inclusive drinks. Your selection includes pots of tap beer/cider, house wines & basic spirits with mixers of your choice.

The ‘Basic’ Package will set you back $60 pp.

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Level-Up Package

Basic not quite what you’re after? Thinking of splashing out a little more?

The crowd favourite ‘Level-Up’ Package includes all the perks of the ‘Basic’ package including free priority entry, your very own private booth PLUS our infamous ‘Mario Karts’, signature Juddys for two hours.

To live it up with a Level-Up Package, you’re looking at $75pp

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For the Girls Package

A little sweeter and a lot of fun, this one is the ultimate choice for hens parties or girls nights!

Free priority entry, a private booth and a round of shots (wet pussy) kicks off your all inclusive, two hour package. Pretty as a picture and packing a punch, our ‘Pink Panther’ and ‘Grape Debate’ cocktails add to a large selection of basic spirits, house wines, pots of tap beer/cider & Canadian Club.

The ‘For the Girls’ package is ready to roll for $80pp

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The finer details...


If you still have a few questions check out our Booth Package FAQs here!

To make sure you know everything you need to know before rocking up, have a flick through the terms and conditions that apply to all our Booth Packages, here.

Not keen on a drinks package or booth – but like the idea of free priority entry? Book in your VIP LIST to score entry for up to 10 people and then see where the night takes you…PLUS if you’re celebrating your BIRTHDAY, we’ll shout you the first round of bevs too!

For VIP + BIRTHDAY List bookings, click here!

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