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Booth FAQ’s

How do I book a booth package?

Ohhh thats an easy one! Just click the link here to book online. To lock it in, we require a pre paid deposit to the value of one person, varying with what package you select. E.g. If you are booking a ‘Basic Package’ your pre paid amount will be $60 (the cost per person). Similarly, if you are booking a ‘For The Girls Package’ you will be up for $80.

How do we pay?

You will receive a confirmation email once your booking and deposit is secured and will be required to sort out the full balance payment prior to your package commencing on the night (minus what you have already pre paid as your deposit). Your host will help you with processing payments and you can either pay this per person, or all together. We accept cash or card at the bar.  

How many people does the booth fit?

We have a few different sizes! Our regular booths host up to 10 guests comfortably or there’s the option for up to 15 guests in our large booth. For groups of over 10 for Booths or you are after a larger function, please contact [email protected]

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What do we do when we arrive?

When you arrive, please head directly to the front door / beginning of the line and let security and door staff know you have a booth booking, so they are able to direct you to your designated area. Bookings are made under the name of the person organising the booking, unless otherwise requested. Bar staff & hosts will then be able to commence your package once notified of your arrival. 

Check out the full T&Cs here

What time do we rock up on the night? What if we are running late or need to cancel?

We hiiiighly recommend arriving 15 mins prior to your booking time, to ensure adequate time for entry and to fix up the remaining balance of payments applicable to your package.

All packages run for a duration of two hours. We will allow a 15 min grace period for unavoidable late arrival, but arriving later than this will cut into your package inclusion timeframe. E.g. turning up 30 mins after your booking time, will leave you with only 1.5hrs left to enjoy your beverages and booth.

If someone from your group is running late, please let management know. We can start your package without that person, however end time will not be pushed back to accommodate them.  

(see T&C’s here for more information)

If you need to cancel your booking all together, we appreciate as much notice as possible. We will happily refund your pre paid deposit and cancel your booking provided we are notified prior to 12pm on the day of your reservation. We cannot guarantee a refund if you are cancelling after this timeframe and this is at the discretion of Lambys Management.

You can modify your booking via the link in your confirmation email, or alternatively contact us here. 

Terms & Conditions Booth Packages

Is there a smoking area?

Yes. Ask our crew and we’ll happily show you. 

What is the role of my host on the night?

Each booking will have a dedicated host – who is responsible for meeting you and showing you to your sweet booth, sorting out the remainder of your payment and getting the party started! These guys will talk you through your package inclusions and timeframe, direct you where to order drinks and answer any questions you might have.

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Can I get a drink from a different bar?

Yes, you are able to get a drink from any bar, however package drinks are only available from the bar designated to you by your host on the evening. 

Am I limited to drinks only included on the package?

Your package only includes the drinks listed. If you would like any other drinks, you are able to purchase these on the night and take them in to the booth with you. 

Does everyone in my group have to be on the same package?

Yes, to keep things as efficient as possible your group all have to elect the same Booth package option.  The only exception is for designated drivers who aren’t consuming alcoholic beverages but still want to come along and join the fun! For these guests, we are happy to extend free, priority entry and access to free soft drink and juice for the duration of your package.

Terms & Conditions Booth Packages

Do you have any restrictions on the provision of alcohol that apply to my booking?

Yep – as a licenced venue, Lambys have a strict RSA policy in place. This means that your host, Management and Security staff have the right to refuse service to any patron who appears intoxicated or whose behavior/actions are unsafe, causing offence or disruption to our operations and/or fellow patrons. Unfortunately if this occurs, your package may be terminated at any time, no refunds will be provided and you may be asked to leave the premises. Best to instead keep it cool, relax and focus on enjoying your night Lambs!

Check out the full T&Cs here

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