Booth FAQs!

I have a designated driver as part of my group, do they still have to pay to be part of the package? 

Designated drivers do not have to pay to be included in your package. They will still receive a wristband and have access to soft drink or juice, in line with your selected package.  

How many people does the booth fit? 

The booth caters for up to 15 people. For larger groups, please contact

Can I get a drink from a different bar? 

Yes, you are able to get a drink from any bar, however package drinks are only available from the designated function bar.  

Am I limited to drinks only included on the package? 

Your package only includes the drinks listed. If you would like any other drinks, you are able to purchase these on the night and take them in to the booth with you. 

Is there a smoking area? 

Yes. Before 11:30pm the designated smoking area is at the front of the venue. After 11:30pm, the designated smoking area is upstairs. 

What time do packages start/finish? 

You will have private and exclusive use of the booth for the entire night.  

Basic package: Please let us know upon arrival what cocktail jugs you would like. We can either make all at once or stagger them throughout the night. 

Premium package: Package can begin at any time before midnight and will end once your chosen bottle has been finished.  

Deluxe and Platinum packages: Package will begin at the time agreed upon and end 2 hours after this time. Package must start between 9pm and 12am. End time will not be extended if package starts late.  

How do we pay? 

Deposit must be paid in full to secure booking (see T&C’s for more information). Deposits can be made over the phone at a time suitable for you. The remaining balance must be paid on the night. You can either pay this per person, or all together. We accept cash or card at the bar.  

What if I have someone coming late? 

If someone from your group is running late, please let management know. We can start your package without that person, however end time will not be pushed back to accommodate them.  

What do we do when we arrive? 

When you arrive, please let whoever is on door know you have a booth booking and they will let you through. Bookings are made under the name of the person organising the booking, unless otherwise requested. Once in the venue, please head towards the Back Bar where we will sort out the remaining balance and issue your wristbands. 

Check out the full T&Cs here or go ahead and book your booth via our FB page here!